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Nov 4, 2013 2:00pm PST
in oil, why did it sanction a monopoly in the telephone industry? would antitrust laws still apply in a new economy whose major product is intellectual property? monopolies -who's in control? with the help of our economic analyst richard gill, we'll find out on this edition of "economics usa." i'm david schoumacher. we like to think of our economy as one that runs on competition. for instance, we can choose the brand ofasoline weuy. if one station sets its prices too high, thene can simply go across thet if one station for a lower price.o high, if enough drivers pass the high-price station by, sooner or later it goes out of business. of course, if in order to attract business a station sets its prices too low and can't cover costs, sooner or later it'll go out of business, too. but what happens to prices if one company, or one person, controls all the gas stations? that was what the country faced in 1890. the company was standard oil -- the man was john d. rockefeller. this was the infant oil industry john d. rockefeller saw after the civil war. drilling equipment was hand- and fo
Nov 3, 2013 2:30pm PST
when egypt is represented by an inclusive, democratically elected government based on the rule of law. >> for more on kerry's visited cairo, let's pull in our cairo correspondent. ties between washington and egypt interim government are pt's interimand egy government are delicate. how were kerry's words received? >> it is a rocky relationship. both sides were trying to mend the fences. fahmy said there is a turbulent relationship, but the visit of kerry and the words of kerry were a positive sign. kerry said it insured the friendship of the united states -- it ensured the friendship of the united states. behind the scenes, there surely were discussions about the concerns about the process toward democracy and a more inclusive process here the muslim brotherhood is in -- is completely excluded -- in more inclusive process. isththe muslim brotherhood completely excluded. >> are we likely to see an increase in unrest? brotherhood are mobilizing. it is important to see what happens if mr. morsi appears in court. it will be the first time we will see the ousted president, who has been hidd
Nov 1, 2013 5:30pm PDT
much for joining us from los angeles. with the leader of the pakistani taleban lion hunting law niece who has been killed in the u s drone strike. this attack comes just one day after the government announced it had started peace talks with the group. county officials say four other suspected militants were also killed in the strike. soon he is accused of plotting numerous bombings including one that killed seven u s security officials and afghan military base in two thousand on widely reported to have been killed in three years ago but later resurfaced. drone strikes are deeply unpopular among pakistanis who accused us of taking away their sovereignty. it is a girl or is it a boy. germany has become the first country to allow babies with characteristics of both sexes to be registered as neither male nor female. about one in two thousand people have both male and female traits as birth of the law is aimed to remove pressure on parents to make quick decisions on surgery to assign a to their chalk the ensemble looks like a man. they also have some female typical anatomy. so who is into
Nov 3, 2013 5:30pm PST
the record because so many changes to laws is really special one indeed the target she seeks consecutive matches unbeaten. but that doesn't seem to be enough to touch pool ideal love. this more good news for buyer natchez third science buyer labor treason suffered an upset defeat to bottom of the table brown's five. with less than ten minutes to go down the two male escort for the home side. the lone goal bound brown tried to claim their first home win of the season the simmons and lock box score their first away win of the season beating him her to yell and the full stride knox chris that's a thing for both goals moscow's is called the game winner for the bump with some help from her notes on the peanuts is old age the twenty third minute was intercepted opens his poorly paced back post and send it around goalkeeper many of them to open the scoring that wasn't the end so bases that knocks. sixty third minutes he lost the bolted on a midfield of siam. he then posted closer than it is his seventh goal of the season but didn't get done. twice as many shots on goal as their opponents but st
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4